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How to remove purchased music from iphone?

How do I delete songs from my iPhone but keep them on iTunes?

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone, then tap “General”. Step 2: Tap “iPhone Storage” and scroll to select “Music“. Step 3: You can slide the “All songs” tab to remove all songs from iPhone. Or you can swipe left on any artist, album, or song to delete.

Why can’t I delete music from my iPhone?

The fix: To manually manage music, click the Summary tab, scroll to close to the bottom, and in the Options area, there will be an option to Manually manage music and videos. Select this option, and you should be able to delete songs and such from the “On this iPhone” tab.

Can I remove music from my iPhone without losing it?

All songs you sync from iTunes are stored locally on your device. When you delete a song from your iPhone, you remove it from all of your devices. However, the song you delete from your iPhone will still be available in your iTunes library or via your iTunes purchases.

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How do I Unsync my iPhone music?

How to turn off iCloud music library on an iPhone or iPad

  1. On your device, tap on the Settings app to open it.
  2. Scroll down until you reach the “Music” icon and tap it. Select “Music” from your Settings menu.
  3. Next to “Sync Library,” ensure the option is toggled off.

How do you reset Apple music?

Question: Q: Reset iCloud Music Library

  1. disabling iCloud Music Library on every device.
  2. logon to iTunes>account>see my account.
  3. authenticate yourself.
  4. scroll down and select “reset” iCloud Music Library.
  5. confirm your selection with the pop-up.
  6. done.

How do I remove iTunes from my phone?

Remove your associated iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Tap Settings > [your name], then tap iTunes & App Store.
  2. Tap your Apple ID.
  3. Tap View Apple ID. You might be asked to sign in.
  4. Scroll to the iTunes in the Cloud section, then tap Remove This Device.

Why is deleted music still on iPhone?

The songs are deleted from your iPhone. The cloud versions are still in your library. Disable iCloud music library in settings then delete the songs from settings > storage.

Can I delete music from my iPad without deleting it from my iPhone?

Answer: A: If it is your music and you delete it from the iPad, it should not delete it from the iPhone. That music that you are using on the phone should stay there, and on the iPad it should only show it as available to download again.

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Does deleting music on iPhone delete from iTunes?

No, as long as you have the songs on the computer it is safe to delete from the phone. If the devices syncs with iTunes however the next time you sync the songs may be added back again.

How do I delete songs from my iPhone without deleting all devices?

Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Music > Edit to delete artists, or > Music > Song > Edit to delete songs locally on your iPhone.

How do I remove music from my iPhone lock screen?

Remove Music from iPhone widgets

Open iPhone on the home screen, swiped right and tap to the bottom of the screen, you will find a edit button. Click “Edit” button and you will access the widgets manage window, remove the Music app from the Widgets. Restart your iPhone.

How do you turn off Apple music?

Cancel on an Android Device

Android users subscribed to Apple Music can tap the Listen Now icon, then open the three-dot settings menu and select Account. From there, choose Manage Subscription and tap Cancel Subscription. If you subscribed through the Play Store, you can also cancel directly through the storefront.

Where did all my music go on my iPhone?

All your music will be stored in the Music app on your iPhone, including the ones you added or downloaded from Apple Music, you synced with iTunes, and you purchased from iTunes Store. You can view Playlists, Albums, and all Songs: Open Music and all songs are stored in this music library. 6 дней назад

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