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FAQ: How to forward a message on iphone 6?

How can I forward a text message on my iPhone 6?

How to forward messages on iPhone and iPad Launch Messages from your Home screen. Tap the conversation that contains the message (s) you’d like to forward. Tap and hold the message you’d like to forward. Tap More. Tap on the forward button in the lower right-hand corner. Fill in the recipient and send it on its way!

How do I forward text messages to another number?

Forward your text messages On your Android device, open the Voice app. At the top left, tap Menu. Settings. Under Messages, turn on the forwarding you want: Forward messages to linked numbers —Tap, and then next to the linked number, check the box. Forward messages to email—Sends text messages to your email.

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How do I forward a text message from my iPhone 6 to my email?

Simply tap and hold the text message, click more, then the forward arrow then type in your forwarding email address. Simply tap and hold the text message, click more, then the forward arrow then type in your forwarding email address.

How do you forward a text picture on iPhone 6?

How to Forward Photos in Messages to Another Contact from iPhone Open the Messages app and go to the message thread with the photo you want to forward to another contact. Tap and hold on the photo you want to forward to another person. Choose “More…” at the pop-up menu that appears.

How can I get someones text messages sent to my iPhone?

Using iCloud to See Someone Else’s Text Messages Go to Settings > iCloud on the target iPhone and enable Messages option. Next, log in to the iCloud account using the target device’s Apple ID and password. After that, open messages app and check the Enable Messages in iCloud option on Settings.

How do I forward an iPhone text message?

Touch and hold the message bubble that you want to forward, then tap More. Select any other text messages that you want to forward. Tap Forward and enter a recipient. Tap Send.

Can text messages be automatically forwarded to another phone?

Easy SMS Texts Forwarder & Manager This is a simple and free app for Android devices that allows you to forward text messages either in full or selectively to another cell phone. The app allows automated text forwarding and email forwarding. You simply install the app and select the options you want.

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Can you forward calls and text messages?

Thankfully, the Android platform has free and inexpensive applications that can help — like SMS Forwarding (free) and Simple Call Forwarding ($0.99). Both of these apps make the task of forwarding calls and texts a snap.

Does iPhone 7 have text message forwarding?

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Add a check to both your phone number and email address. Then go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding and enable the device or devices that you want to forward messages to. Look for a code on the Mac, iPad, or iPod touch that you enabled.

How do you send a text message on iPhone instead of iMessage?

Send messages as texts on a manual basis Go to Settings > Messages. Toggle Send as SMS switch to off. When iMessage is unavailable, individual messages will not send. Tap and hold these individual messages until you get an option menu. Tap Send as Text Message.

How do you email a text message from an iPhone?

Open your messaging app and select the conversation you want to send to email. Tap and hold the message until the options menu appears. Click Share. Choose your email app and fill in the recipient info and tap the Send arrow.

Is there an app that will send text messages to another phone?

There are plenty of apps and programs available to spy — er, monitor someone’s activities, and there’s another Android app to add to the mix. Secret SMS Replicator, after being installed on a mobile phone, will forward all text messages sent from a phone to another number without the owner’s knowledge.

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How do you send a picture from a text to another person?

Send Photo via Text Message Open the “Messages” app. Select the + icon, then choose a recipient or open an existing message thread. Select the + icon to add an attachment. Tap the Camera icon to take a picture, or tap the Gallery icon to browse for a photo to attach.

How do I put my picture on my text messages iPhone?

Open the stock Messages app and tap on the “three dots” icon located right next to the compose message option, as shown in the screenshot below. Now, tap on “Edit Name and Photo ” to go the dedicated section where you can set up your iMessage profile.

How do you forward a text message with pictures on an iPhone?

Question: Q: How do you forward a text message with pictures to another mobile user To forward a message, tap and hold the message bubble, then tap More. Tap to select the message you want to forward, then tap. and select the person to send it to.

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