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FAQ: How to play music on xbox 360 from iphone?

How do I play music on my Xbox 360 from my iPhone?

Connect the USB cable from your iPhone to your Xbox 360’s USB port. Use the left analog stick to select ” Music ” and press the “A” button. Select “Portable Device” and a list of playable AAC audio files will be displayed. Select the song you want to hear, then press “A” to begin playing the track.

Can you play music from your phone on Xbox 360?

You can play music from a portable music player or your hard drive while playing a game. Here’s how: Plug the sync cable of your portable media player into a USB port on the front of your Xbox 360 console. Select the location of the music you want to hear (hard drive or a connected media player).

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How do you connect your iPhone to your Xbox to play music?

How to play Apple Music on Xbox One with AirServer Open the Music app on your iOS device. Find a song to play. Press the AirPlay icon at the bottom of the playback screen, represented by an upwards facing arrow and three rings. Select XboxOne 1080p 30 to establish the connection.

How do I connect my iPhone to my Xbox 360 via USB?

Now connect your iPhone to Xbox using a USB to lightning cable. Insert the USB end of the cable into your Xbox 360’s USB port and plug the lightning end into your iPhone’s charging port. Once the iPhone is connected, Xbox 360 will automatically detect your iPhone.

How do you connect your phone to Xbox 360?

iOS and Android users can already control their Xbox 360 consoles through the My Xbox Live app. Current Windows Phone owners can use the Xbox Companion app to tap into the Xbox from their phones.

Can I stream my iPhone to my Xbox 360?

Users of iOS devices can control their Xbox 360 consoles via the SmartGlass app now in the App Store. You can swipe across your phone or tablet to move across the screen on your console. Controls pop up on your mobile device to play, pause, stop, rewind, and fast-forward videos and music playing on your Xbox.

How do I transfer music to my Xbox 360?

Select the “Memory” option to go to the storage-device menu. Highlight and select the storage device that contains the music you wish to transfer. Select ” Music ” as the content type, then select a music file. When asked which action you wish to take, select “Move,” then select the Xbox 360 hard drive.

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What apps can you download on Xbox 360?


Name Available countries Category
EPIX United States Video
ESPN on Xbox Live (removed from store) United States Video
Hulu Japan Video
Hulu Plus (new version) United States Video

Can you get Spotify on an Xbox 360?

Turn on your Xbox or Playstation console and choose the music option from within the menu. Select Jamcast from the list of networked devices, then select Playlists and Virtual Soundcard. Click play, and after a few seconds delay, you should hear Spotify streaming through your console’s attached speakers.

Can I play music from my phone on Xbox one?

Listen ad-free, just about anywhere ( Xbox, web, PC, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone )*. Add your MP3s or iTunes tracks to OneDrive, and they’ll always be at your fingertips with the Groove Music app on Xbox One and on the go.

Can I play Apple music through my Xbox?

You can ‘t play Apple Music songs on Xbox One since Xbox One doesn’t support Apple Music songs. So if you’re wondering about how to play Apple Music on Xbox One, at first you need to convert Apple Music files to common audio formats supported by Xbox One. Apple Music Converter is such a tool can help you out.

Can you use USB tethering with Xbox 360?

Go to your setting option on the phone and then turn on Tethering and Mobile Hotspot. I would think once you have the hotspot activated your Xbox 360 should recognize it and be able to connect it normally.

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Do Xbox 360 controllers use Bluetooth?

Xbox 360 controllers do not support Bluetooth, they use a proprietary RF interface which requires a special USB dongle. There are specific, newer Xbox ONE wireless controllers that do support Bluetooth to PC, but you need to make sure to get the one with Bluetooth support as all Xbox One controllers do not support it.

Can I connect my Xbox to my iPhone hotspot?

Tap Settings > Mobile > Personal Hotspot. Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth as well to open Personal Hotspot.

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