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Quick Answer: How much does it cost to repair an iphone 5s screen?

How much is iPhone 5s screen in Nigeria?

5, Oba Akran Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. 2nd floor, Digital Square, No. 20, Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Carlcare offers iPhone screen repair service in Nigeria.

iPhone Models iPhone Screen Repair Price (₦)
iPhone 5 6400
iPhone 5S 6400
iPhone 6 7800
iPhone 6 Plus 9500

What causes unresponsive touch screen?

Some common reasons are: Physical damage– Maybe your Android phone is damaged or broken. Or maybe its due to moisture detected issue, high temperature, static electricity, cold, etc can lead to touch screen damage on Android phones. Even after ROM flashing, firmware update, etc can crash Android phone completely.

How Much Is iPhone XR 256GB in Nigeria?

The 64GB variant of the smartphone costs $749 (271, 000 Naira) while the 128GB model will go for $799 (290, 000 Naira) and the 256GB model for $899 (325, 000 Naira).

How Much Is iPhone 7plus screen?

This item for iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement Touch Screen Digitizer & LCD Display for iPhone 7 Plus (5.5″) White Frame with Repair Tools ( iPhone 7 Plus, White)
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Customer Rating 4.0 out of 5 stars (151)
Price $2599
Shipping FREE Shipping. Details
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How is iPhone 11 Pro Max in Nigeria?

iPhone 11 Pro Max Price and Availability iPhone 11 Pro Max price in Nigeria starts at around 585,000 Naira for the single SIM model and around 650,000 Naira for the dual SIM model. Apple pegged the smartphone at at $1099, $1249, $1449 for the 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB models respectively.

Why is my iPhone screen not responding to my touch?

When Your iPhone Doesn’t Respond To Touch At All Instead, we’ll need to do a hard reset. Here’s how: If your iPhone won’t turn off in the normal way — or if turning your iPhone off and back on again doesn’t solve the problem — try doing a hard reset. To do this, hold the Power and Home Buttons down at the same time.

Can you fix an unresponsive touch screen?

Use Safe Mode: If you ‘re looking for a way to fix an unresponsive touchscreen on your Android, try running it in Safe Mode. Do a hard factory reset: In extreme cases, you can fix an unresponsive iPhone screen or Android screen by returning the phone to factory settings.

How much does it cost to fix a phone screen?

So one broken screen replacement on the Galaxy S7 Edge will cost you $208. If you have a Google Pixel, Google has paired up with third-party repair chain uBreakiFix to offer walk-in screen repairs for the relatively affordable price of $129 for the Pixel ($226 at Amazon) and $149 for the Pixel XL.

Does Best Buy fix iPhone screens?

Including Same-Day Repair at Select Locations At select Best Buy stores, we can repair your iPhone or Samsung cell phone, no matter where you bought it. iPhone screen replacement starts at $129 and Samsung screen replacement starts at $199.99.

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Is iPhone screen fixable?

Often with a bad LCD, a phone may still turn on and make noises, but there is no clear picture. It is best to have a highly qualified phone repair technician diagnose what is wrong so the appropriate repair can be made. Fortunately, your mobile device is fixable whether you cracked the glass or damaged the LCD.

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