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Readers ask: How to fix power button on iphone 4?

How do I fix my iPhone 4S power button?

Replace the power button flex cable Remove the two screws on either side of the power button bracket using your #00 Phillips screwdriver. Gently unfold the power button cable using tweezers or your fingers. You may choose to remove the actual power button if you’d like but it’s not necessary.

How can I turn on my iPhone 4 without the power button?

If you plug the phone into a computer it will turn on without pressing the button. Wait for the battery to die, then put it on charge. It will automatically turn on by itself.

How do I fix my iPhone power button?

1: Hard Reset Your iPhone Hold the Power button (or use AssistiveTouch) and the Home button at the same time. Release both buttons when the Apple logo appears (around ten seconds). When the iPhone boots up, test the Power button for normal functionality. If the Power button works again, it means it was a software error.

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How do you reset an iPhone 4 with a broken power button?

To reset / restart iPhone, press and hold the power button and the home button together, at the same time, for about 10-15 seconds, until the Apple logo appears on the screen of the iPhone. What to do if your power button and/or home button is broken?

How do I turn off my iPhone 4S if the power button is broken?

You can turn off your iPhone even if the lock button is broken, too. To do so, tap the grey accessibility button, tap device and then tap and hold Lock Screen. This will bring up the usual power off screen so you can then slide to power off.

How can I restart my iPhone 4s without the power button?

How To Restart An iPhone Without The Power Button In iOS 11 Tap the virtual AssistiveTouch button. Tap the Device icon. Tap the More icon. Tap the Restart icon. Tap Restart when the alert appears on your iPhone’s display. Your iPhone turn off, then back on after about 30 seconds.

What do you do if your iPhone wont turn on at all?

Try them in order until you find the solution that works for you! Charge your battery. Fully discharged batteries are the number one cause of iPhones not turning on. Simple Restart / Force Restart. Restore to Factory Settings via iTunes (Data Loss) Contact Apple Support.

How do I turn my iPhone off if my power button doesnt work?

How to turn off your iPhone without the power button Navigate to Settings. Swipe down to and tap Shut Down. Swipe the power off slider from left to right.

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What to do if power button is not working?

Try long pressing your phone’s power button for thirty seconds and see if it can reboot. Rebooting would help if the reason why the power button is not responding is because of any software or application glitch. When you reboot the device, it would help restart all the apps.

How do you restart a frozen iPhone 6?

Force your iPhone to restart by doing the following: You should hard reset your iPhone only if it’s not responding. To force restart your device, press and hold both the Power and Home button for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

How can I reboot my iPhone 4?

Apple iPhone 4 – Restart Device Press and hold the Power button (located on the top edge) until “slide to power off” appears then release. If the device is unresponsive, attempt the alternate method. Slide the Power switch right. With the device powered off, press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears then release.

How do you reset an iPhone 4?

Step 1: To start with, go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone and next, move to “General”. Step 2: Next, go to the ” Reset ” option and here, choose ” Erase All Contents and Settings”. Step 3: Here, you need to enter your Apple ID passcode if you set it before in order to do a factory reset your iPhone 4 /4s.

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