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FAQ: Iphone only charges when dead?

Why won’t my iPhone charge unless its dead?

Whenever you charge your dead iPhone, use a stable power source without any unstable voltage interference. The unstable power source will damage any electronic device. Damaged charge port or charge cable could possibly be the main reason why your iPhone won’t charge unless turned off.

How do I fix my iPhone if it only charges when its off?

Hard Reset Press and hold both the sleep/wake button on the side of the iPhone and the “Home” button for 10 to15 seconds; you’ll see the red “Power Off ” slider — keep holding until you see the Apple logo and the phone shuts off. Turn it back on and try charging again.

Why is my phone only charging when it’s dead?

This charging issue usually occurs when the pin or connector is not functioning properly. At times your device’s pin gets bent to a different position, making it difficult to recognize the charger. The other reasons can be either because of the battery, the cables, or the power source itself.

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Why does my iPhone only work when charging?

Your iPhone is showing the typical symptoms of a bad or (partially) disconnected battery. This slow charging can be caused by the battery being partially unplugged if for some reason the bracket holding the battery connector is missing. This can also be caused by the battery gone bad.

How do I reset my iPhone battery?

At the bare minimum, you need to drain the battery until the device shuts off, charge your iPhone to 100%, and reset it by holding down the sleep/wake and home buttons until you see the Apple logo.

Does hard reset delete everything iPhone?

The iPhone Hard Reset Like the soft reset, it does not delete data, so it is safe to do without backing up the phone. The hard reset is considered a more extreme or powerful option than the soft version.

Why does my iPhone stop charging when I unlock it?

1, some readers have complained that their iOS devices aren’t charging, or are charging only after being unlocked. There’s a simple explanation: the new USB Restricted Mode, a security feature introduced in iOS 11.4. 6, iOS 11.4. 1, tvOS 11.4.

Can an iPhone charge while off?

Yes, you can charge your phone with the power off. There is no need to power down when you charge, but it will not hurt anything if you do so. IF you turn the phone off after you plug into charge, you may see no signs of charging at all.

How do I know my iPhone is charging after it dies?

Whereas if you only see the battery shape (lying on its side with the + pointing rightwards) with 2-3 red “filling” type of sticks sort of fluctuating, THEN the dead battery is charging.

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Is it good to switch off the phone while charging?

Yes its always better to charge any device when it is switched off because it helps electron to flow in a single direction in the battery circuit otherwise the device continuously consumes the battery it will take more time to charge the device and the more time it take to charge the more the battery life is effected

How long does it take for an iPhone 7 to charge when dead?

It should take about 3 hours for a full charge using the USB wall adapter. If it was charged to at least 50%, then turned off before storing it the phone should recover. However, if it was left powered on and near discharged permanent damage may have been done to the battery.

What do you do if your iPhone wont turn on at all?

Try them in order until you find the solution that works for you! Charge your battery. Fully discharged batteries are the number one cause of iPhones not turning on. Simple Restart / Force Restart. Restore to Factory Settings via iTunes (Data Loss) Contact Apple Support.

How do I know if my charger port is damaged?

It may be that the charge port on your cellphone is loose and need to be fixed into place again. If you continue to charge your phone while it is in this condition, the charge port may burn and you might lose the phone. Hold the phone to a light and see if there are any black residue around the charge port.

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Will iPhone work plugged in without battery?

Q: Will an iPhone turn on without a battery? A: No, it will not turn on without a battery. It appears that even a defective or dead battery needs to be in the circuit for it to fully boot up, just attaching the cable will just tell you that it will start to boot but nothing else.

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