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How to cancel tidal subscription on iphone?

How do you cancel your tidal subscription?

TIDAL Website Visit my. Log in with your username and password. Click ‘ Subscription ‘ Click ‘ Cancel My Subscription ‘ then confirm cancellation.

How do I change my tidal subscription?

Log in at my. Click on Subscription. Select Upgrade or Downgrade. Confirm your selection.

How do I check my tidal subscription?

Active Subscription: The easiest place to check if you have an active TIDAL subscription is to go to listen. and then sign in. To view your subscription, click on the If you do not have an active subscription, please click on the subscription you wish to proceed with and enter your payment details.

How do I contact tidal customer service?

CONTACT INFORMATION c/o 540 W 26th Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10001, or by email at support @

How much does tidal cost monthly?

Tidal costs $9.99 a month for the standard service and $19.99 for the ‘premium’ service. What’s the difference? Tidal’s high-fidelity sound is only available on the premium tier, this means that for $19.99 you’ll be able to listen to CD quality music using the Free Lossless Audio Codec or ‘FLAC’.

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Can I get a refund from tidal?

If you are eligible for a refund (where applicable), refunds will be issued to the credit or debit card you provided when you activated the Services, and you should allow between 7 and 10 business days for the credit to appear in your account.

How can I get tidal for free?

How to Get Tidal for Free Launch the web browser you usually use and then navigate to Tidal official website. There is a big “Start Free Trial” in the middle of the main page. It will pop up a new window, in which please fill it with the password and personal information. Now, you can select your plan from ‘Premium’ or ‘HiFi’.

How many accounts can you have on tidal?

You can add up to four accounts to a family plan, and if you do that with Tidal HiFi, you’ll be paying around $60 each month for everyone in your family to stream lossless audio.

How long is tidal free trial?

TIDAL provides a 30-day free trial period to all new customers on both subscription tiers.

Is tidal better than Apple music?

The locally-saved Apple Music files are 256 kbps in AAC files, the same format and quality as tracks we purchased from iTunes. So unquestionably, Tidal is the winner in this round. The standard $ 9.99 per month offers audio quality in 320kbps AAC audio, also much better than other streaming services.

How do you pay for Tidal?

Accepted Payment Methods. Credit Card* Bank Issued Debit card. PayPal Account. Apple Wallet/iTunes Account (via registration/reactivation on iPhone) TIDAL Gift Card** Venmo** * TIDAL is not able to accept Prepaid Credit Cards. **US Only.

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Is tidal premium free?

How to use the free Tidal Access service. Tidal offers a free tier called Tidal Access. You can use Tidal Access for free, but you’re limited to a curated selection of audio and video tracks. To get Tidal Access, you can create an account in the Tidal app and choose not to sign up for a subscription.

Does Jay Z own tidal?

Rapper and entrepreneur Jay – Z bought Tidal in 2015 for $56 million, and relaunched it as an artist-owned service offering higher-fidelity music than its streaming rivals, such as Spotify SA SPOT, +0.21% and Apple Music.

Is tidal music good?

Tidal is a superb music streaming service, ideal for anyone with a penchant for hi-fidelity audio. For everyone else, it’s worth taking up the one week trial to see if the added quality is worth the extra cash.

Why is my tidal Not working?

Make sure your TIDAL app is up-to-date. Force close and restart TIDAL. Clear your cache. Play the selected content on a different device or on listen.

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