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How to restore iphone in recovery mode?

What happens if I restore my iPhone in recovery mode?

Either option reinstalls the latest available operating software from Apple, but the Restore button also erases all the content and data from your device. Afterward, you can choose to recover a backup or set it up as new. A device in recovery mode prompts you to connect it to a computer.

How can I restore my iPhone from recovery mode without iTunes?

Two Ways to Restore iPhone Without iTunes in Recovery Mode Get AnyFix on your Mac or Windows computer. Connect your iPhone to the computer > Click System Repair feature. Then choose the 50+ iPhone Problems category to start the fix. Select Any of the 3 Repair Modes. Download Firmware and Complete the Restore.

How do I restore my iPhone to factory settings from recovery mode?

Factory – reset your iPhone To reset your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings. If you’ve got an iCloud backup set up, iOS will ask if you’d like to update it, so you don’t lose unsaved data.

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Can you back up iPhone in recovery mode?

The short answer is “No”; you cannot back up an iOS device while in recovery mode, iTunes and iCloud can ‘t do this, either any third-party software can make it. To make it, you should first exit recovery mode before being able to back up your data and settings.

How do I fix my iPhone stuck in recovery mode?

To learn how to fix iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode, follow these steps: Instead of the Home button, press and hold the Volume Down button on the device. At the same time, press and hold the Power (wake/sleep) button. Keep pressing both the buttons for another 10 seconds till the Apple logo would appear.

What causes iPhone recovery mode?

The most common reason an iPhone gets stuck in Recovery mode is that a problem occurred during a software update. These problems range from a loss of power to corrupt update files. Whatever the cause, the result is the same. You might need to use a computer with macOS Catalina or iTunes to exit Recovery mode.

How long does it take for iPhone to restore from recovery mode?

The amount of time needed by the restore process depends on your geographical location and the speed of your Internet connection. Even with a fast Internet connection, the restore process might take 1 to 4 hours per gigabyte to complete. Hi KRoten82, Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!

Can you restore an iPhone without using a computer?

Reach to the Apps & Data screen > Tap Restore from iCloud Backup. Step 2. Sign in to iCloud (Apple ID) > Proceed to “Choose backup” > Choose the iCloud backup contains the files you want to restore. Do not disconnect and wait for a progress bar to appear and complete.

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What is iPhone recovery mode?

An iPhone’s recovery mode is a fail-safe troubleshooting mode that lets iTunes try to repair the iPhone’s operating system if something goes badly awry. You enter recovery mode by connecting the phone to a computer, starting iTunes, and then performing a force restart.

How do I enter recovery mode?

Press and hold Power+Home buttons. The phone will turn on and menu to enter recovery mode will show up. Navigate to “ Recovery mode ” option and press Power Button.

How do I factory reset my iPhone with buttons?

Just press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo. You can let go of both buttons after the Apple logo appears. Your phone will go through the usual process of starting up. You’ll be back in your home screen.

How do I restore a disabled iPhone in recovery mode?

Open iTunes on the computer. Connect the disabled iPhone with the computer via USB cable. A backup now option will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Click on Back Up Now and after the backup is finished, restore your phone.

Does recovery mode delete everything iPhone?

Recovery mode deletes everything from the device. However, if you are at a point where you need to use recovery mode, then consider all your data already gone. If you need to use recovery mode for any reason, because you cannot access the iPhone any more, then there’s no way to get to the data at that point anyway.

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