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How to set up uf email on iphone?

How do I access my UFL email?

The cloud mailbox is both web accessible and can be downloaded to mobile devices. A web based version is available at https:// mail.

How do I install Gatormail on my Iphone?

IOS Mail App Setup Open the IOS settings menu and navigate to “Passwords and Accounts” in the left hand column and then select “ Add Account” in the right pane. On the next screen select “Microsoft Exchange”. Enter your email address in the form of “[email protected]” and give your account a nickname and select “Next“

How do I set up UF email on Android?

Android Gmail APP Setup Open the Gmail app and select the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the search bar and then go to Settings. On the next menu select “Exchange and Office 365” Enter your email address in the form [email protected] and then select the “Setup Manually” button.

How long does UF email last after graduation?

Since Students are only guaranteed the use of their UF email account for 6 months following graduation [1], UF recommends using your personal email address for educational and employment applications to protect against loss of access.

How do I contact UF?

Phone Numbers Admissions Office: Gainesville, FL. 352-392-1365. Welcome Center: Gainesville, FL. 352-392-2959. Coral Gables Office: Satellite Office. 786-482-6360. 786-482-6359.

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How do I find my GatorLink ID?

You can obtain your UFID number online at

How do I find my GatorLink username?

Not sure about your GatorLink username or password? Try the self-service reset at or call the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP (4357). You will be asked for your UFID number.

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