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Often asked: How to add attachment to email on iphone?

How do you add an attachment to an email?

Attach a file On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app. Tap Compose. Tap Attach. Tap Attach file or Insert from Drive. Choose the file you want to attach.

How do I send a picture as an attachment on my iPhone?

In the Photos app, select a photo or group of photos, tap the share button, and then choose the Mail app, which will then spring forth with your selected images attached.

How do I add an attachment to Gmail on iPhone?

Attach a file On your iPhone or iPad, make sure you’ve downloaded the Gmail app. Open the Gmail app. Tap Compose Attach. Select the file you want to upload. To attach items, like images and. pdf files, from emails sent to you, choose a file in “Recent attachments.”

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How do I insert a picture into an email without it being an attachment?

Insert images inline/in email body in in Outlook In your composing email, place the cursor where you will insert the image inline, and click Insert > Pictures. In the Insert Picture dialog box, please open the folder containing the image you will insert inline, select the image, and click the Insert button.

How do I send a picture from my iPhone as a PDF?

How to Convert Images to PDFs on Your iPhone and iPad Download and launch PDF Expert. Tap the blue plus sign at the bottom to add the file you wish to convert. You can import a picture from the Photos and Files app, your computer, or cloud storage. Tap … More on the file. Select Convert to PDF. That’s it!

How do I send a photo as an attachment?

Android Tap the photo icon in the bottom of the message entry field to attach a photo, or the camera icon to take a photo. If you tapped the photo icon, find and select the photo you want to send. Once it has finished uploading, you can type out a message, or leave the message blank, and hit the send icon to send it.

How do I send a picture as an attachment in Gmail?

Click the Insert Photo icon in the formatting toolbar. Select Inline next to Insert images to have the pictures appear inside the email. Choose As attachment to send the photo as an attachment. To upload an image from your computer, click Upload > Choose photos to upload and open the desired graphic.

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How do I add an attachment in Gmail?

Attach a file On your computer, go to Gmail. Click Compose. At the bottom, click Attach. Choose the files you want to upload. Click Open.

Can I send an attachment from my iPhone?

How to add an attachment in the Mail app for iPhone and iPad. Launch the Mail app from your iPhone or iPad’s Home screen or app drawer. Choose the Attachment icon. Select the file you wish to send.

How do I add an attachment to a reply in Gmail?

To attach a file, click the paperclip and then browse for the file on your computer or local network. Once attached, the file appears at the bottom of the message. To remove an attachment, just click the x. You can also attach files by dragging and dropping them into the body of the email.

How do you embed a JPEG into an email?

Follow the steps below to insert the picture to an email. Launch Office Outlook program. Click on New Email. Navigate to the Insert Tab. Click on the Pictures option. Browse the location where you have saved the pictures. Attach it to the body of your email.

How do you insert a picture into an email?

You can add an image as a file attachment by clicking the [As attachment] button in the lower-right corner of the ” Insert Photo” diaglogue box. The image will appear at the bottom of your message as a file recipients can download.

How do I add a picture to my email account?

Change your picture On your computer, open Gmail. In the top right, tap your profile picture. Tap Manage your Google Account. On your Google Account page, tap “Personal info.” Under ” Profile,” tap your current profile picture. Follow the on-screen prompts to choose or take a photo. Tap Set Profile Photo.

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