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Often asked: How to play youtube music in background iphone?

Can you play YouTube in the background on iPhone?

You can even keep listening to the picture-in-picture video when you lock your iPhone screen. Note that you cannot do picture-in-picture with the YouTube app. To listen to YouTube videos in the background, you must open the video within Safari.

Can YouTube Music app play in the background?

You can play a single track in the background on both an Android phone and an iPhone — but it’s a bit fiddly. And I was unable to play more than a single song in a playlist in either OS.

How do I keep YouTube playing in the background?

How to play YouTube videos in the background on Android Open on Google Chrome. After the page is loaded, tap on the vertical three-dots icon on the top-right and select Desktop site. Now search for any video and open it. On the next page, your video will automatically start playing.

Which app can play YouTube in the background?

One of them is Brave Browser. It allows you to play videos on the world’s most popular video hosting in the background both on Android and iOS. It’s enough to just turn the desired video on and then hide the browser Brave. After that, the sound will continue to play in the background.

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How can I listen to YouTube while my phone is locked?

Simply pull up the Chrome Browser – which should come preloaded on your Android phone – and watch the video in question. If you lock your phone, the audio should continue playing.

Can I listen to YouTube with screen off?

When the video comes up, tap the menu icon (at the top-right corner of Chrome, or the bottom-left of Firefox) and hit the Desktop site option to reload the video in the desktop mode. Once the video starts playing in this mode, simply turn off your screen to continue listening to it like a podcast or audiobook.

Can you listen to YouTube music without being on the app?

You ‘ll have to download a new mobile browser, Dolphin, unless you happen to use it already. Once you have the browser, go to Select the song you want to listen to, press play, and leave the page. You ‘ll be able to control playback via the iOS Control Center.

How do I keep apps from running in the background?

Launch the recents menu by hitting the square navigation key or with a swipe up and hold gesture from the bottom of the screen. Tap the app icon to bring up the menu. Tap Keep open for quick launching. The app will always be in memory.

What app can i use to play music in the background?

Play music in the background from third-party applications, such as Google Play Music, Pandora Internet Radio and Winamp using the same procedure.

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How do I play music in the background?

To play music in the background while accessing other From the Home screen, tap Apps > Music Player. Tap a song in your library to listen to it. Tap the Menu Key > Settings and checkmark the Show notification option so that the music controller is displayed on the Notifications panel. Tap Home Key. Tap Apps and tap the application you want to access.

Which app is best for background music?

From numerous such apps we present you top 7 apps to add background music to Android/ iOS. Vivavideo (Android/ iOS ) Vivavideo is available in both platforms and with over 150 Million users is among top apps in this domain. Lumify (Android) MixBit. Splice ( iOS ) Magisto (Android/ iOS ) VideoSound ( iOS ) Add Audio to Video.

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