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Often asked: How to turn off iphone 6 without screen?

How do you force shutdown an iPhone 6?

Force Shut Down On iPhone 6 Plus or Earlier: Press and hold down the side/power and home button together. Hold both buttons until you don’t see Apple logo on your iPhone screen.

How do I turn off my iPhone if the screen isnt working?

Press and hold the side button and the volume down button until the power- off slider appears on screen. Swipe the slider to the right to shut down your phone.

How do I turn off my phone if my screen is broken?

You could try and press/hold the power button and volume down whilst the power is plugged in should turn it off.

How do you force reset an iPhone 6?

Press and hold down the ‌iPhone‌’s Sleep/Wake button on the right side of the handset. With the Sleep/Wake button still held down, press and hold the Home button on the front of the handset. Continue to hold both buttons while the display remains blank, until it comes back on with the Apple logo showing.

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How do you manually turn off an iPhone?

Press and hold the side button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider, then wait 30 seconds for your device to turn off. To turn your device back on, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

Why is my phone stuck on the Apple screen?

Software issues are probably the most common reason for your iPhone being stuck on the Apple logo. Nine times out of ten, software issues are caused by either a failed software update, using an older version of the Apple iOS or having a jailbroken iPhone.

Why can’t I turn off my iPhone?

Usually, your iPhone won’t turn off because there is either a problem with the software on your iPhone or the screen or power button isn’t working correctly.

How do I restart my phone without the screen?

1 Answer. Press and hold the power button for 10-20 secs and your phone will force reboot, in most cases anyway. If your phone still doesn’t reboot, then you’ll have to remove the battery and if its not removable you’ll have to wait for the battery to run empty. Highly active question.

How do I unlock my iPhone 6 unresponsive screen?

iPhone 6s and earlier, iPad, or iPod touch: Press and hold both the Home and the Top (or Side) buttons at the same time. Keep holding them until you see the recovery mode screen. Step 3. iTunes will detect that your device is in recovery mode, and then you will see a window like this on your computer screen.

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Why is my iPhone 6 stuck on the Apple screen?

If your iPhone stuck on the apple logo during update, one of the easiest ways to fix this problem is forcing restart it. For iPhone 6S and earlier models, just press the “Home” button and “Sleep/Wake” button. Keep holding the buttons until you see the Apple logo.

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