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Question: How to approve iphone on another device?

How do I approve another device on iCloud?

If your iCloud Keychain is Off, tap Keychain. Tap the switch to enable iCloud Keychain. After several moments, you will be prompted to either create a security code, approve with a security code or approve from another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac that is currently configured with iCloud Keychain.

How do I approve my iPhone without another device?

If you’re signing in and don’t have a trusted device handy that can display verification codes, you can have a code sent to your trusted phone number via text message or an automated phone call instead. Click Didn’t Get a Code on the sign in screen and choose to send a code to your trusted phone number.

Can I approve my iPhone from my computer?

There is no way to do this from a Windows PC. A code won’t be sent to a non Apple Device/ Computer. If necessary, there is a contact link. Apple Support by e-mail or chat Select your device, Battery, Power and Charging, then Power adapter not working to get a chat option.

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How do I approve my iPhone from my laptop?

If your computer is online: Go to Apple Menu. Click on System Preferences. Go to the iCloud tab. Click on Account Details. Go to Security. Click on “Get Verification Code”

Why does my iPhone say waiting for approval?

This is almost certainly a keychain issue. Turn off iCloud Keychain on both the MacBook and iPhone. From your iPhone, go to Keychain and tap Approve with Security Code. When prompted for the 4-digit iCloud Security code tap Forgot Code.

What does resetting encrypted data do?

It ask you to press allow on your previous phone or reset the encrypted data. So, the reset the encrypted data means to re-store the amount of data which is kept in your iCloud as backup with encryption to your new iPhone. No one can hack your data in between the transfer from iCloud to your phone).

How do you approve an iPhone?

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 8 or later: Tap Settings > iCloud > Keychain and turn on iCloud Keychain. You might be asked for your Apple ID password. Tap Approve with Security Code.

Can not turn off two factor authentication?

If you already use two – factor authentication, you can no longer turn it off. Certain features in the latest versions of iOS and macOS require this extra level of security, which is designed to protect your information. If you recently updated your account, you can unenroll within two weeks of enrollment.

What is encrypted data on iPhone?

The Encrypt backup feature in the Finder or iTunes locks and encodes your information. Encrypted backups can include information that unencrypted backups don’t: Your saved passwords. Wi-Fi settings.

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What happens if I can’t approve my iPhone?

From your iPhone, go to Keychain and tap Approve with Security Code. When prompted for the 4-digit iCloud Security code tap Forgot Code. Follow the prompts to reset the code. Now this device should have iCloud Keychain enabled and working.

How do I approve my iPad from another device?

In iOS 10.2 or earlier: Go to Settings > iCloud. Tap your Apple ID username. If your device is offline, tap Get Verification Code. If your device is online, tap Password & Security > Get Verification Code.

What does reset encrypted data end to end mean?

End-to-end encrypted data End-to-end encryption provides the highest level of data security. Your data is protected with a key derived from information unique to your device, combined with your device passcode, which only you know. No one else can access or read this data.

How do I enable keychain on my iPhone?

Turn on iCloud Keychain on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Tap Settings, tap [your name], then choose iCloud. Tap Keychain.* Slide to turn on iCloud Keychain. You might be asked for your passcode or Apple ID password.

How do I turn off two step verification on Apple?

To turn off two – factor authentication, sign in to your Apple ID account page and click Edit in the Security section. Then click Turn Off Two – Factor Authentication. After you create new security questions and verify your date of birth, two – factor authentication will be turned off.

How do I transfer all my stuff from one iPhone to another?

Migrate data from your iPhone using a wired connection Connect the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter to power through its Lightning port. Connect the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter to your current iPhone. Plug the Lightning to USB Cable into your new iPhone, then connect the other end to the adapter.

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