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Readers ask: How to transfer clash royale from iphone to android?

Can you transfer clash Royale to another device?

How can I transfer my Clash Royale account to a new phone? The best way to transfer a Clash Royale account is to connect your account to a Supercell ID. Once you have Supercell ID you can easy transfer your account to any device.

How do I transfer clash Royale from iPhone to old without Android?

STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS Open the in-game settings window on both devices. Press the ‘ Link a device ‘ button. Please note, if your device does not have ‘ Link a Device ‘, please select ‘SupercellID’. This will depend on the version of your Clash Royale.

Can you transfer COC from iOS to Android?

In order to transfer your village between an iOS and Android device, it needs to be connected to Game Center/Google+. You can verify the Game Center connection on iOS by logging into Game Center and opening the game.

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How do I recover my clash Royale account?

Recover account lost Start a new Clash Royale account and go through the tutorial. On the home screen, go on settings. On settings, go in help and support. Go on lost account. Read through that and follow the steps on there.

Can I play clash Royale on 2 devices?

Yes, you hold clash royale down with your thumb on any screen and go to app info and clear cache/data or something whenever you want to change an account. Just make sure to connect two of your accounts to different gmail accounts before you delete it, otherwise bye bye account..

Can you have two clash Royale accounts one device?

You can play more than 1 Clash Royale account on any device, now matter it is Android or iOS. Android using Google ID to manage Clash Royale accounts. Apple using Apple ID (or Game Center Account ) to manage Clash Royale accounts.

Can I transfer my clash Royale account from Android to iPhone?

You can only link your Clash Royale account once, so if you do it between the two platforms using your Google ID and Apple ID you’ll be able to play the game on any iOS and Android device.

How do I transfer my clash Royale email to another account?

How do I transfer my Clash Royale account from one email to another? Go to Sign in – Google Accounts then sign in to your account then go to apps. then remove clash royale from that account. then go to clash royale and connect to the account where you are moving your game.

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Can I transfer my clash of clans account from Android to iPhone?

Open clash of clans in both devices then You could go to settings, then link another device after that you have to choose Select OLD DEVICE on the device you would like to move your village FROM. As in this case you are connecting a android to ios device so you will get a code which you have to put in your iPhone.

How do I get my clash of clans account from iPhone to android?

When you’ve switched from one device to another, simply fire up Clash of Clans on your new phone, tap settings and log in to your Supercell ID. You’ll enter your email address, get a new six-digit code from Supercell and enter that on your phone. Your village will be restored in all its splendor.

Can you use Gamecenter on Android?

Answer: A: Answer: A: No. Game Center is exclusive to ios.

Can you get Gamecenter on Android?

Game Center is owned by Apple, and they have not ported it to Android. You must be running iOS (or tvOS, possibly watchOS) in order to access Game Center.

How do I get my old clash of clans account back?

Android Open the Clash of Clans application. Go to Game Settings. Connect to a Google+ account so you can link your old village. Find the Help and Support tab in the Game Settings menu. Select Report an Issue. Select Other Problem.

How do I get my supercell ID back?

Recover your Supercell ID Search your email accounts for any messages mentioning Supercell ID. This will help you figure out with which email you created your Supercell ID. Then, once you know with which email you signed up, enter the in-game Settings, tap on “Disconnected” and login.

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How do I retrieve my clash Royale account from Facebook?

Using Facebook Games On your device, Log In to the Facebook application with your account. Click to the Sen to Mobile button: Facebook will be automatically connected with Clash Royale!

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