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Readers ask: How to turn of find my iphone?

How do I turn off Find My iPhone on my phone?

In Find My iPhone on, click All Devices, then select the device you want to remove. If you don’t see All Devices, it’s because you’ve already selected a device. Click the name of the current device in the center of the toolbar to see the Devices list, then select a new device. Click Remove from Account.

Can I turn off Find My iPhone from another device?

Head to, log in, and then follow these steps. 1) Click Find iPhone on the main iCloud screen. 2) Click All Devices from the top. 3) Devices in your list that are offline ( turned off ) have a gray indicator next to them. 4) You will receive a confirmation message for the removal of the device.

How do I switch off Find My?

Tap Find My. For devices running iOS 12.4 and lower, tap iCloud. If prompted, enter your Apple ID password then tap Turn Off.

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What does removing a device from Find My iPhone do?

When the device is erased, tap Remove This Device, then tap Remove. All your content is erased, Activation Lock is turned off, and someone else can now activate the device.

How do you turn off Find My Phone?

How to turn off Find My Device Open Android’s Settings menu. Tap “Security.” Tap “ Find My Device.” Switch the toggle to off.

Can you turn Find My iPhone on remotely?

Answer: A: There is no way to remotely enable find my iPhone. That setting in your iCloud account settings can only be enabled from the device itself. unless you have the device physically in your own hands, you cannot enable find my iPhone.

Do I need to turn off Find My iPhone before resetting?

It is mechanically possible to reset a phone using iTunes without first turning off Find My Phone. The only way to be sure is to try and activate the phone again to see if the activation lock screen comes up.

How do I turn off Find My iPhone activation lock without previous owner?

One of the ways to remove the Find My iPhone activation lock from your iPhone without the previous owner is to present a proof of purchase to the Apple support team. When you give this document to Apple, they can verify the original owner of the phone and then can help you unlock the device.

How do you check if Find My iPhone is on?

Go to on your computer. Sign on to Find My iPhone. If you turned on Find My iPhone on the device, you will see the device listed there.

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Can Apple turn on Find My iPhone?

Open the Find My app or go to and click Find iPhone. Select a device to view its location on a map. If the device is nearby, you can have it play a sound to help you or someone nearby find it. Mark As Lost.

How do I know if Find My iPhone is off?

Open the Find My app on the iPad. Tap the Devices tab. A map will pop up with featuring your Find My enabled devices. If your iPhone is turned off, it will appear on the map and sidebar as an iPhone with a blank screen.

How do I remove a device from my iPhone list?

Remove your associated iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Tap Settings > [your name], then tap iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID. Tap View Apple ID. You might be asked to sign in. Scroll to the iTunes in the Cloud section, then tap Remove This Device.

How do I remove devices from find my phone?

Now scroll down and select “Recently Used Devices ” from the list of options. Now, scroll down through the devices listed on your account until you find the device you want to remove. Click on the device and you will see a bold red option called REMOVE.

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