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Who is the girl in the iphone 8 commercial?

Who is in the Apple commercial?

New ‘Behind the Mac’ ad features Kendrick Lamar, Gloria Steinem, Billie Eilish, more. Aired during Apple’s “One More Thing” special event on Tuesday, a new “Behind the Mac” ad showcases notable figures who use the platform to create music, television, movies and more.

Who is the girl in the iPhone 12 commercial?

Emmanuel Lubezki’s iPhone 12 Pro Ad Shows Off New Apple Tech.

What are they saying in the New iPhone commercial?

This newest commercial from Apple asks viewers to ” Say hello to 5G” with the arrival of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro: The most powerful iPhone ever.

Who is the singer in the new iPhone commercial?

Listen to Apple Commercial Songs | Apple Ads Music 2021 (Updated: February 25) feat. Fly Away Tones and I now.

Who sings We only come out at night on the Iphone commercial?

The song in the Apple commercial is “We Only Come Out At Night” by Smashing Pumpkins.

Who is in the iPhone 12 commercial?

Providing this iPhone 12 commercial song is the London-based hip-hop and electropop musician Suzi Wu, real name Suzie McDermott, with her appropriately titled 2020 tune ‘Eat Them Apples’.

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What is the song for the new iPhone 12?

To the beat of Suzi Wu’s ” Eat Them Apples,” Apple showcases its iPhone 12.

Who sings the song in the new Verizon commercial?

Verizon TV Commercial, ‘Pay It Forward’ Song by Usher.

Who sings the song on the iPhone 11 commercial?

To promote the launch of their much anticipated iPhone 11, Apple has released this extended 2019 TV commercial that features a brand-new song by NVDES.

How do I find commercial music?

Here are 16 best free stock music places for commercial use. Have a look. Bensound. Free Music Archive. Free Music for Commercial Use. Free Stock Music. AShamaluevMusic. Audio Blocks. Artlist. Adamvitovsky.

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